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The course for Presentation Skills is intended for all those who are facing challenges in preparing high-quality presentation, either for the purpose of finding a job, approaching investors, presenting ideas to your team, media appearances or PR activities. In order for participants to gain confidence, overcome stage fear and develop articulation, the course will help its participants to conceptually prepare their presentations, to hold attention of their audience and to make their delivery convincing, credible and effective.


The course will be led by Relja Dereta, one of the most experienced Serbian professionals in this field, with tremendous experience in working with individuals, teams and entire organisations. Besides exercises that involve verbal and non-verbal communication and articulation, the Nova Iskra team will prepare practical exercises for enabling participants to independently prepare graphically attractive , innovative and interactive presentations.


Relja Dereta has over 10 years of experience in holding presentations and workshops for thousands of people of different age and professions. He has been coaching speakers for TEDx events for several years - so far he was working individually with 50 speakers on 6 TEDx conferences, guiding them through the process of structuring their idea and practicing their appearance (read their recommendations)


Overcome your stage fear, encourage yourself for effective performance in front of clients, employees, colleagues, audience or investors! Learn to articulate your idea and conquer diction skills, non-verbal communication and preparation of interactive presentations.


The course Practical Aspects of Entrepreneurship is committed to the challenges that future entrepreneurs encounter while establishing enterprises and companies, and during the process of articulating a business ideas into a business opportunity, as well as into a specific business and operational plan. The course is mainly designed for those who are feeling ready to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions, those who have a specific business idea to develop, as well as those who intend to do so. Whether you have already registered your company or not, this course will offer an insight into first practical steps and the obligations when starting a business, including common mistakes, challenges and obstacles.


Introductory lectures will be dedicated to raising awareness and entrepreneurial spirit among participants, as well as the confrontation with real threats or challenges in establishing their own practices. The lecturers Vladimir Miletić and Milan Trbojević are specialised for providing mentoring assistance and consulting. Their advice is  available to the wider community via their well-known blogs - Dnevnik jednog direktora (translated: the diary of a director), and FT1P (translated: you are missing one paper)


Those who would like to be entrepreneurs, designers who want to develop their brands, freelancers who need administrative support, start-ups in the initial stage of development,all of them who believe they have an idea that can become a successful products or services – will acquire all the necessary knowledge in these domains during the course.


Start your journey from your business ideas to your business plan, starting a business and overcoming legal and administrative challenges! Create a business plan, rationalize business decisions and introduce yourself with legal frameworks, including basic terms and numbers – through practical work and mentoring from leading experts.


The price for participating both courses is 180 EUR or 22.000,00 RSD. Payment can be made in two installments - 50% when registering and 50% before the start of first lecture. If case of cash payment, participants will receive an e-mail on same day of registration with payment instructions. The number of places is limited for both courses, and they will be divided into 6 sessions (held at the end of the week, late  afternoon) in the period from May 26th until June 18th.


All interested participants who register and pay the advance deposit before Friday (May 13th) for either of these two courses, will enjoy a discount of 10%!

For applying to the Presentation Skills course enter the following link, and those interested for the application formula regarding the courcse of Practical Aspects of Entrepreneuralship should use the following link


Deadline for application are May 26th and 28th, respectively.


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