Bricolage Lab

During October, Nova Iskra will be hosting lectures within the Bricolage Lab Experimental Design camp. Bricolage Lab is looking for excited, insightful, passionate and critically-minded designers, artists, creators, builders, tinkers, scholars, users, inventors, activists, doers and makers to put their heads and hands in an effort to jointly explore new ways of using resources. Through theoretical and hands-on activities, lectures, guest speakers, workshops and fieldwork, this intensive month-long experimental design camp will gather a network of people for future projects and activities dealing with materials, craft, community, ecology, DIY design and intelligent use of resources.


Full engagement in the program is expected from the participants, since the program content builds on one another through the weeks and days. International guest lecturers, visiting speakers and mentors will join in to lead activities related to their fields of expertise. In addition to the closed program of design camp intended for 15-20 selected participants, Bricolage Lab will be integrated with a series of public lectures held at Nova Iskra. The program emphasizes broader historical, social and international perspectives, and for this purpose we will host guest lecturers and mentors from Italy, Brazil, UK, Bulgaria and Sweden from a range of different backgrounds.


Bricolage Lab is conceived as a mobile classroom that will take place in Belgrade from September 28th to October 23rd. The program will be hosted at various locations in the city, centered within the Savamala creative quarter, including Nova Iskra, KM 8, Praksa Makerspace, Spanish House, and Kulturforum in Dorćol. This concept also involves situational in-context design fieldwork and workshops in urban social environments.


Application is obligatory for the participation in the program, not later than Septembar 16th. Please also send a CV, motivational letter and personal assignment (accepted in both Serbian or English) via email If you are a designer, maker, builder or artist, you may also wish to include examples of personal work.


More details about the program can be found at